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Profession: Partner | Designer
Birthplace: Florida, United States of America
Parents: Father, Reginald Peterson, Vice President HSBC Bank; Mother, Joan Peterson, Master Barber and Educator.

Formal Education: Masters of Science in Entertainment Business, Bachelor of Science in Show Production and Touring,Full Sail University Winter Park, FL

Benjamin Peterson is a managing partner of B. PETERSON with responsibility of Sales and Marketing, Design and Procurement and Client Relations & Development.

Benjamin has worked with many design talents tha include Jerry Pair,  J Nelson and  J. Batchelor.  Benjamin has also collaborated with several Architectural Design Top 100 designers in the United States, Europe and Canada. Benjamin finds inspiration in Manhattan, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach.

Benjamin has represented many fine design trade credits that include Alfonso Marina Ebanista, Dennis & Leen, Gregorious Pineo, Dessin Fournir, Quatrain, Hendrix Allardyce, Minton Spidell, A. Rudin, Ralph Pucci, J Robert Scott and the famous Ann Getty House Collection. Textile credits include Fortuny, Gracie, Clarence House, Old World Weavers, Jim Thompson, Luigi Bevilacqua, Christopher Hyland, Sabina Braxton, Lelievre and Tassinari   &Chatel. Lighting credits and awards include Boyd Lighting, Delisle, ME Dupont and Delisle Luminaires.

With a focus on new products, growth and rising technology, B. PETERSON stands proud as the resource for Design services in southeast United States.




Profession: Partner | Administrator
Birthplace: Auburn, New York USA
Parents: Father, Joseph, Agriculture, Albano Farms;  Mother: Brenda Albano, Healthcare Administrator
Formal Education: Business Hospitality, University of Arizona

Thomas Albano is the managing partner at BUILTTOSUIT with responsibility for Business Planning, Enterprise Accountability, Marketing and National Sales.

Prior to joining BUILTTOSUIT, Thomas worked in operations at several companies, including Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida; Marriott International, Scottsdale, Arizona and Southwest Airlines, Dallas, Texas. Born in rural upstate New York, Thomas was raised on the family farm which produced a wide array of fruits and vegetables.
He gained priceless knowledge of sense of family, commitment, pride and to always live by the golden rule. Thomas’ dedication and knowledge leads him to where he is today.

With a focus on new products, technology and everlasting change, BUILTTOSUIT stands as the resource to design services in the southeast United States.


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