Classical Reproduction

Precision Classical Reproduction and Historical Renovation

Historical renovation is more than just a renovation service, it requires a certain level of both understanding and precision, mixed to provide the most accurate renovation while getting the most out of modern renovation techniques. B. Peterson provides meticulous historical renovation services, complete with a wealth of knowledge and experience to get it done right.


We have a fully comprehensive, and exceptionally professional historical renovation service. Our prices are as competitive as you will find anywhere, our customer service is well above and beyond your average contractor company, our we are always courteous, friendly, and fabulously well trained. All in all, you won't find another construction service local to the area that can deliver the goods quite like B. Peterson.


Accuracy and precision is important when you are doing any kind of historical renovation or classical reproduction, and that is something we can deliver in spades. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver accurate and high-quality results, and we do that better than most. We pay attention to every detail, and we work tirelessly to produce results that each client can truly be proud to display.







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