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Italian-born Lucretia Moroni attended the renown Van der kalen School of business and continued her training in interiors with Renzo Mongiardino architecture firm in Milan. After working with Franco Zeffirelli for the sets of La Traviata, she moved to New York City in the early 1980's. She has worked on a large number of private and public projects including the renovation of Bethesda fountain in Central Park, Residences in Italy, South America and the United States. Her work has been published widely in design and general magazine worldwide.Fatto a Mano produces a vast range of fabrics, all strictly hand-made. Our clients can choose from a range of production designs, colors, textures and materials, or demand custom design and output to suit the requirement of individual projects.

At the heart of the
Fatto a Mano production is Lucretia Moroni's deep knowledge of the variations in fiber and weave that distinguish textiles.Her hand-colored fabrics accentuate the subtleties of light, color
and texture that are inherent to the materials themselves. The elegant, irregular weave of her Indian silks recalls the sensuality and peculiarities of organic structures - a recurring theme in Moroni's work. 

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