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If you are planning a custom cabinetry project around Palm Beach, or any of the surrounding areas, make sure to give us a call, at B. Peterson. Custom cabinetry can be a great addition to your home, but to make sure that the job is done well, you want to make sure that you hire a trusted professional. When it comes to precision renovation solutions, you can’t go wrong with B. Peterson. We have years of experience when it comes to cabinetry renovations, which makes us one of the first choice renovation services around.


When it comes to custom cabinetry remodeling, you cannot do better than B. Peterson. We provide you with the high quality, trusted services that are needed to ensure that everything is done right and your satisfaction is met. When you are looking for a custom cabinetry contractor that you can count on to get the job done the right way, or you are trying to find furniture that suits your style, B. Peterson is certainly who you need to call.


We don’t just offer top-class services, we do it with a smile on our face, to put a smile on yours! Our standards for customer service and overall attentiveness are considerably higher than any electrical company you likely would have dealt with. In fact, our industry as a whole isn’t usually known for their sparkling customer service skills, but we definitely are. We treat you like we would treat a member of our own family, we are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience.







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